Beam Inbuilt Vacuum System

About Beam Inbuilt Vacuum System


A cleaner, healthier home begins with a Beam

Deep carpet clean, terrific suction and airflow, no battery to charge, total removal of the dirty exhaust, improves indoor air quality, easy to use hose, fingertip control, safer when cleaning stairs, fantastic when dusting and for upholstery, no smell in the house, very little noise, no pulling around a heavy machine, great for asthma and hay-fever suffers.

The only central vacuum system approved by the Asthma Foundation.


  • The only central vacuum system clinically tested and proven to remove 100% of contacted dirt and allergens from the household environment.
  • Quiet and powerful high efficiency motor offers higher performance yet uses 30% less energy than other traditional vacuum systems.
  • Lightweight hose, accessories and cleaning tools are convenient and easy to use.
  • Can be fitted to new or existing homes.
  • Double award winning product.



  • Nothing to sneeze at
    Many allergists recommend BEAM central vacuum systems for their patients as the best solution for removing indoor air pollution from the home. The combination of high efficiency cleaning and removing the dirt from the living space makes the difference. In fact, clinical researchers have found using a BEAM central vacuum system can improve indoor air quality and reduce common allergy and Asthma symptoms.
  • Eliminate blow-back
    Unlike portable vacuums that may re-circulate dust back into the air each time they are used, a BEAM central vacuum system removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust, mites, pollen and dander from your home.
  • The quiet way to clean
    The innovative double D-shaped nozzle design allows for quieter operation and superior suction, and with the power unit located away from the living area, the quiet hush of airflow is all you’ll hear.
  • Because life can be messy
    You can always count on BEAM for every day cleaning and solving memorable messy moments. The deep cleaning power and suction does not quit over time, with tested motor life of over 10 years of regular cleaning. Year after year, BEAM will remove 100% of contacted dirt and debris from every surface in your home.
  • Lightweight advantage
    With BEAM, vacuuming is light housekeeping and not a weight lifting exercise or an obstacle course. The lightweight hose and convenient tools let you move easily from level to level, floor to ceiling without getting a workout from dragging a heavy portable vacuum around. The BEAM system is ready when you are. Simply plug the hose into the wall and you’re ready to go! With only the weight of a 3kg hose, you can easily manoeuvre around furniture in any size living space.
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