Mammoth Polyester Insulation

Mammoth Wall Insulation

Maximise the thermal envelope

Mammoth have two wall insulation formats to help create a warmer, drier home.

Designed to work in conjunction with the building systems of existing and new homes, Mammoth wall insulations provides effective, durable and reliable insulation that you can be assured works for at least 50 years (when insulation is installed and adequately protected).

We also have Masonry wall insulation designed to fit within strapped and lined masonry/concrete walls to support the thermal and acoustic performance.

Some of our wall section products are perfect for acoustic performance too.

Mammoth Ceiling Insulation

Reduce heat loss through the ceiling

Mammoth has two options for insulating the ceiling depending on the type of roof.

We all know heat rises and it’s estimated that 30-35% of heat loss from an uninsulated house is through the ceiling. So the roof cavity is the best place to start adding insulation in the home, helping keep the home warmer in winter but also cooler in summer.

Mammoth contains no chemicals or itchy fibres that can be drawn into the home through ventilation systems, manholes or lighting fixtures.

Mammoth Acoustic Insulation

Making homes warmer and quieter

Mammoth has a range of acoustic insulation for homes and buildings.

There’s nothing worse than noise pollution in our home, so using acoustic insulation in special areas will help keep the peace, whatever activities the household engages in.

Mammoth’s polyester insulation is the modern answer in acoustic insulation – creating quieter environments by reducing noise transfer between rooms and providing thermal insulation to improve the energy efficiency of the space insulated.

Use acoustic insulation between floors, around bathrooms, entertainment areas, music rooms and nurseries to make homes warmer and quieter.

Our wall insulation section products give great acoustic performance too.

Mammoth Ceiling Insulation

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