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Developments in technology and innovation is based on time and experience. Over its 40-year history, Toshiba have continually invested, designed and developed their heat pumps, to bring you cost-effective and efficient climate control for residential, light commercial and commercial use.

R32 Refrigerant

  • Sleek modern design 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Magic coil & self-cleaning 
  • Weekly timer 
  • Optional WiFi controller




  • Eco-Friendly Technology
    The R32 Shorai range of Hi Walls from Toshiba offers our customers only the best in terms of performance without compromising on efficiency whilst limiting the impact on the environment. Shorai limits the global warming potential (GWP 675) across the board and uses a lower amount of refrigerant (36% less) than R-410A systems.
  • Reducing the Environmental Impact Toshiba engineers are constantly engaged in research to ensure the best heat pump technology. The amount of refrigerant used for the Shorai range is lower than its R-410A counterparts. This significantly reduces the potential environment impact while guaranteeing high performance and energy savings.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
    R32 Shorai is the new Toshiba concept for energy efficiency. The heat pumps in this range achieve high levels of EER and COP. In addition, the ability of the vector control inverter to modify the Compressor speeds to very low loads makes these systems perfect to use throughout the year without weighing on the electricity bill. This system is more energy efficient than earlier Heat Pump models.
  • Fireplace Mode
    Toshiba’s unique fireplace mode provides optimum diffusion of heat from your fireplace or other heat sources by keeping the indoor fan blowing continuously at low speed, even when the compressor is switched off. Fireplace Mode 1 The fan on the indoor unit will continue to run at the same speed previously selected by the user. Fireplace Mode 2 The fan on the indoor unit will continue to run at a super-low speed per the factory settings.
  • 8°C Heating
    Optimise your energy savings and enhance your wellbeing by tailoring the ambient temperature in the room. The 8°C heating mode protects your home and contents from freezing temperatures while you are away, making it the perfect choice for cold climates. This setting can be adjusted to any temperature between 5°C and 13°C.
  • Magic Coil + Self-Cleaning System
    Magic Coil
    Heat Pumps can get very dirty inside, collecting bacteria and allergens. Aqua resin coated coil reduces the formation of water, oil and dirt on the coil unit as well as minimise dust accumulating on the coil. Condensed water washes off the oil and dirt leaving a clean coil that looks brand new.Self-Cleaning System
    The heat pump will run on slow-speed for 20 minutes to dry the coil, which will effectively prevent any odour, mould and germs.
  • Weekly Timer
    The weekly timer allows ON/OFF times to be set, or settings to be programmed every 24 hours. Up to 4 different temperature and ON/OFF setting can be programmed per day – with a different program possible for each day of the week. Intuitive to use, the control can be set to ON/OFF, temperature setting mode, operation mode, or fan speed.
  • Optional WiFi Controller
    Make everyday life simpler with Toshiba’s WiFi Controller. Simply connect the wireless adaptor to your Toshiba heat pump and download the Toshiba Home AC Control app to your smart phone or tablet (iOS & Android) and you can control your heat pump from where ever you are. The app allows you to control single or multiple Toshiba heat pumps at anytime and from anywhere.


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