Need to Insulate your new build?

When you have a new build, think seriously about what insulation is best for you.

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Insulation for your New Home?

Insulation is your home’s greatest asset.  After it is correctly installed, insulation keeps on saving you money. Insulation is a serious investment in your home and it is worth paying for a long lasting product that is expertly installed. When you are building your new home, think seriously about what insulation is best for you.

Post Installation Inspection

You need to be fussy. Make sure your insulation is properly inspected after it is installed. Gaps lose heat and cost you money in extra energy usage. Just a 2mm gap means a 20% loss in heat retention. That is a lot of money in extra energy use over the life of your home.

Choose the right product

Green Dog always recommends you insulate your new home with Terra Lana wool insulation as it is healthier and delivers better value.

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