Autex GreenStuf Insulation



Autex GreenStuf Insulation

Autex is a New Zealand owned and operated business. The insulation products are called GreenStuf, made from 100% polyester.

Autex GreenStuf is a high-performance type of insulation. It can be installed in your ceiling, underfloor, and wall cavities. It is not affected by moisture, mould, or mildew and is naturally resistant to nesting rats and mice. As GreenStuf is 100% polyester, it does not require the use of protective clothing when handling or installing. It is like installing a duvet!

Autex cares about the environment and 45% of the polyester used to manufacture it comes from previously recycled fibers. The end product is reusable and recyclable at the end of its life. It contains no formaldehyde-based binders that can be breathed into your lungs. This is why GreenStuf has been independently tested by Asthma New Zealand and has been accepted into their Breathe Easy programme. This is a programme that helps New Zealanders living with Asthma.

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