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Whether you are going to fit the insulation yourself or get the experts in, it is worth contact Green Dog Insulation to get some useful tips on what types of product insulation to use which will certainly save you time and could minimise the amount of cutting need to fit the insulation into yours walls floors or ceiling and the savings that they can pass onto you because they have specialist in supply and installing Insulation for 30 years they have some exceptionally good bulk deals prices set up with the major brands and can also deliver to your home or premises to save you having to make a lot of trips to the DIY stores because unless you drive a truck you will end up making a lot of trips.

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Did you know?


•  A third of your heat loss is through your walls

•  12% of heat may escape through your floor

•  35% of heat may escape through your ceiling

•  Not only does insulation warm your home in winter, it also cools your home in summer.

•  Heating and cooling account for 98% of a homes energy use

•  Insulation works by reducing heat flow

•  1 million homes in New Zealand have inadequate insulation

•  You may be able to pay for your insulation by adding it to your mortgage payments